Academic Database Searching

This week's workshop was all about academic database searching. We subscribe to a stack of excellent databases in the library, so it's super easy for you to find great sources and information for assignments with just the click of a button. What About Google? When you use google, you are accessing only 1% of the content on … Continue reading Academic Database Searching

‘Walking Free’ by Munjed al Muderis

  In 'Walking Free', author Munjed al Muderis, retells his amazing life story as a surgeon, and privileged son of wealthy Iraqis, who became an illegal immigrant in an Australian detention centre, and then went on to become a world leading orthopaedic surgeon. Munjed’s life was altered in a single moment when his surgical team … Continue reading ‘Walking Free’ by Munjed al Muderis

Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

Over the past decade scientists have been busy  terraforming (transforming a planet so that it can support and sustain human life) the planet Mars.  It’s the 26th century and Earth’s population is reaching its breaking point. To ensure the survival of humanity, earth dwellers look to Mars. With the planet successfully terraformed, humans hope to … Continue reading Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

James et la Grosse Pêche by Roald Dahl

James et la Grosse Pêche or James and the Giant Peach is the French edition of the much-loved young people's book, written by renowned author Roald Dahl. When our protagonist James Henry Trotter loses his parents in a horrific rhinoceros accident, he is forced to move in with his Evil Aunt Sponge and Wicked Aunt … Continue reading James et la Grosse Pêche by Roald Dahl

How To Search The Library Catalogue

Don't know how to find what you're looking for in the library? This handy guide will make you a pro at searching our catalogue. Infiniti is our library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), which has all the information about every resource in our library. To access Infiniti, simply click here to get to the Library … Continue reading How To Search The Library Catalogue

Lest We Forget

  The traditional ANZAC commemoration of rising at dawn to remember our soldiers’ sacrifice during World War I is steeped in military routine. Those in the line of defence were woken up shortly before dawn, the ideal time to stage a covert attack. As the half-light peeked over the horizon, soldiers manned their weapons, and … Continue reading Lest We Forget

My Gallipoli by Ruth Starke & Robert Hannaford

Tomorrow is ANZAC day. As such, our first #bookoftheweek takes us back to 1915. The story ‘My Gallipoli’ lets you walk the lives of many, without leaving the comfort of your seat. The story begins in Turkey with Shepard Adil Sakin enlisting to defend his homeland, his Gelibolu. As it continues we meet a soldier transporting … Continue reading My Gallipoli by Ruth Starke & Robert Hannaford

Here’s 7 reasons why group study could help boost your grades

Sometimes, studying alone can get monotonous and boring. Why not break up the individual study by forming or joining a study group? Here's 7 reasons to join a study group and push your grades that little bit higher:   Struggle with procrastination? Regular meet-ups with a study group means no time for procrastinating, as you … Continue reading Here’s 7 reasons why group study could help boost your grades


This week we head over the seas once again, and embark on an adventure of the Japanese persuasion. Over the holidays, both Miss Mileto and Miss Courtenay made the trip to Japan for a holiday with their respective families, experiencing the weird, wacky and wonderful things it has to offer. Interested to hear their experience? … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians