This week in the library we have a Trinity alumni display celebrating ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? The word, in and of itself, is not a job title. Rather, it describes a person who is willing to take risks in order to start their own business, often with connotations of intrepidness, innovation, and the desire to pursue new opportunities. In this display we’ve profiled two Trinity Old Boys who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, Peter Freedman and Daniel Tartak. Along with these profiles we have a number of inspiring reading materials for the innovative, business-minded student – could you be Trinity’s next entrepreneur?



Peter Freedman

Peter attended Trinity from 1972, departing with his school certificate in 1976. During his time here, he was involved in cadets, school band, Duke of Edinburgh, choir, craft club and pottery club. His son James continued the Trinity tradition, attending from 1998-2008.

Peter clearly got his entrepreneurial spirit from his mother and father, Astrid and Henry Freedman who, after emigrating to Australia in 1966, started their audio company ‘Freedman Electronics’. In 1990, Peter developed RØDE microphones together with Freedman Electronics, and through constant innovation, growth, and lessons learned, RØDE became an industry leader in microphones.

After an epiphany at one of James’s rugby matches, Peter developed an on-camera microphone so that he could get better audio of the games. The RØDE VideoMic was born, becoming a bestseller.  In the 10 or so years since then, RØDE microphones has cemented itself as a world leader in audio equipment. In 2016, Peter was awarded the Order of Australia for services to export and philanthropy in the arts. In February this year, RØDE’s Silverwater campus was visited by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who paid homage to its achievements and said, “RØDE microphones are legendary…they are the best in the world. It’s an extraordinary story.”


RØDE Founder Peter Freedman accepts the Order of Australia from the Governor of NSW


Daniel Tartak

Daniel began at TGS in Pre-K at the Prep School in 1990, completing Year 12 in 2003. He received numerous accolades and awards throughout his whole school life, including OTU Trophy for best all-round athlete, the Grant Jaime Brown Trophy for Physical Courage, Academic Excellence awards, the Ray Wiseman Memorial for Best Junior Cricketer, and many more. A gifted sportsman, Daniel was involved in rugby, cricket, athletics, and swimming, holding the position of Captain for many of these teams. Daniel was named both Vice Captain of Trinity and Vice Captain of Dulwich House in 2003, his final year at school. Daniel joined his family’s business, Bingo Industries, which started with just four trucks on the road in 2005. It is now one of the leading waste management and environmental solutions companies in Australia, and Daniel is currently their Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. He is described as being ‘integral in Bingo’s implementation of its IT systems’ and ‘the driving force behind Bingo’s recent growth and acquisition strategy’.


To stoke the entrepreneurial fire within, we have a selection of great business books on display with our alumni profiles. Check them out, and then literally check them out.


The Business Bookbf

How can you create a successful brand? What makes a great business leader? Why do some firms fail while others prosper? Throughout history, business gurus have offered ideas and solutions that have shaped and sharpened the world of business and commerce.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting up a business, a CEO looking at the bigger picture, or a consumer curious about what makes business tick, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in this book.

Great for: budding entrepreneurs who need some business 101



bf2Think Big Act Small

Jason Jennings

Jason Jennings and his research team screened more than 100,000 American companies to find nine that rarely end up on magazine covers, yet have increased revenues and profits by 10 percent or more for ten consecutive years. Then they interviewed the leaders, workers and customers of these quiet superstars to find the secrets of their astoundingly consistent and profitable growth.

Great for: entrepreneurs who want to look at the big picture


Creative Confidence

Tom Kelley & David Kelleybf3

Creativity and innovation are like muscles – the more we use them, the stronger they get. In Creative Confidence, the Kelley brothers remind us that creativity is a mindset, a way of thinking and a proactive approach to finding new solutions. We may not all be artists, but we can be more creative lawyers, doctors, managers or salespeople.

Great for: the creatively drained entrepreneur

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