We enter this novel in the world of the silo. For as long as everyone has been alive, and for many generations before, humans have lived in the silo, inhabiting and working on levels such as the up-top, the mids, and the down-deep. This last portion of the silo, buried deep under the earth, is home to Mechanical, and the stomping ground of our protagonist Jules, a tough, highly proficient mechanic who gets entangled in the silo’s greatest conspiracy. The intricacies of housing the human race in an underground chamber are explored by Howey, and the constant sense of claustrophobia and whispers of the mysterious ‘outside’ sustain an enormous mystery that’ll have you staying up all night to uncover. Impossible to put down as every chapter ends with an incredible revelation and cliffhanger, ‘Wool’ takes us into the vast yet restricting confines of the silo and follows Jules on her mission to uncover the true reason for its existence.


Where can I find it?     Other Worlds section
OK I’m here, now what?    Call number =     OTH F HOWE

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