At lunchtime on Thursday we were joined by a group Mandarin-speaking students from the Junior school, and it was 太棒了! (tài bàng le) – awesome!




Senior students Ben Lui and Joseph Wang read “The Story Behind Chinese New Year’s Eve”, or “Nian chu xi de gu shi”. Accompanied by our amazing Mandarin Teacher Miss Kao, there were a lot of eager questions and plenty of laughter. Although the rest of us supervising had no idea what was being said, it was heart-warming to see these infant and primary students conversing in their mother tongue and learning about special Chinese holidays. 


It was a very successful event, and we hope to host more bilingual story-times. At the moment we are working on building our International Fiction in the AHL, with novels in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Mandarin, and even Tamil and Hindi – watch this space!

If you have any foreign books or any book at all that you’d like to request for the library, submit a request below!






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