Name: Eren Yeager | Born: March 30 | Age: 15 | Height: 5′ 7′

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (AOT) is one of the hottest anime series on the market right now, with season 2 having just launched.

Like many anime shows AOT started off as a manga (comic book) which is available for student browsing and borrowing in the comic book section (down in the lounge, next to the group study space).

In the world of AOT characters are forced to fight for their lives against mutant titans. No one knows where the titans came from or how they came to be. What they do know is this:

  • Titans poses super human strength & speed.
  • Most titans are not very bright (driven by their hunger) & incapable of speech.
  • There are several super titans – these titans are smart & even stronger than regular titans.
  • Titan diet: Humans
Titan sketches


If this isn’t enough to make you want to watch or read this series than hopefully learning a bit more about the protagonist will!

Eren Yeager’s  world is turned upside down when the colossal titan pierces a hole in the wall (the wall is used to keep humans in and titans out).  Running for his life, Eren narrowly misses getting devoured by a titan, however his family and friends do not meet the same fate.

Driven by sorrow and hatred  Eren enlists as a soldier to fight the titans. Training is difficult & Eren is by no means the most gifted recruit, in all honesty – he kind of sucks -it’s a miracle that he passes training.

However there is more to Eren that meets the eye! Sadly I cannot say much more without giving it all away!

If AOT sounds like your kind of Manga CHECK IT OUT, we have the first 20 books available for loan.


Attack on Titan Family





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