Ms SmithSergi thinks John Hollander poems & the Royal Botanic Gardens are a winning combination!

Throughout Term 4 we will feature some of Trinity’s most fascinating staff members as they describe their cultural tastes and library memories:

My favourite author is ….   

Actually I don’t have just one, I like works by Isabelle Allende such as Paula and  Eva Luna, because she uses magic realism in a sophisticated way. I also think everyone should read at least one book by  Virginia Woolf, a modernist who pioneered the use of  “stream of consciousness as a narrative device”. She is often quoted (and misquoted), but believed, “Books are the mirrors to the soul”. At the moment I’m reading the poetry of Rupi Kaur- autobiographical and confronting.

My favourite playwright is….  

Again, how can I select just one? With every season of new writing I find a new playwright who is interesting and engaging. I love the classics but mostly from the Absurdism genre, Beckett, Ionesco, Pinter. You should never stop reading and experiencing new ideas, it is what makes us uniquely human and allows us to see our failings and celebrate our triumphs.

My favourite film maker is….    

Alfred Hitchcock – because he reinvented the horror genre in his own time and paved the way for the modern film era – and because, he is Alfred Hitchcock! David Lynch close second.

The best live theatre experience I ever had was….

In New York city, I took a group of high school students from Australia who had never seen a musical to the opening of Rent, their reactions and joy at the theatrical medium will always go down as the best experience I ever had. Theatre should engage us and involve a shared singular experience. I am still in touch with those students and they still talk about that night and the walk in Times Square afterwards, three of them actually work in the world of theatre  now and say this experience was paramount to that decision.

If I wasn’t a drama teacher I would probably have been a ……

A writer. I love fiction and escapism. I have had two short plays published (which I now think are terrible) and I am currently writing both a fictional novel for pre-teens and a book of theatrical monologues for young actors.

Briefly explain your library practices, do you use your local library? Have you visited any foreign libraries? Are you a fan of a particular collection somewhere?

I know in this day and age (boy, I sound old) opening a book with an actual cover, and smelling the printer’s ink is old school but I think it is so important. I do use the local library but not as much as I used to. I use the Trinity Library – it has an impressive collection and if you ask, the librarians will find you just about anything. I do use the on-line library – downloading both audio books and e-books on my Kindle, but I am finding I have less and less time for personal reading – maybe when my children are older?


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