“The Inky Awards recognise high-quality young adult literature, with the long-list and shortlist selected by young adults, and the winners voted for online by the teen readers of InsideaDog.com.au. There are two awards: the Gold Inky Award for an Australian book, and the Silver Inky Award for an international book.” – Insideadog.com.au

This review was written by Liam Wingrave in 7 Archer.

Why do you think that this book has been chosen for the Inky Awards?

This book is definitely in my top 5 books to read in my spare time as it has a twist at every turn, is easily relatable and is so appealing so you want to keep reading on. Although, no book is perfect. I’m not trying to say that this book is the Holy Grail or its the worst piece of writing I’ve ever read. There are pros and cons about every book, one criticism I had would be the front cover and blurb of this book as I found it very misleading and I thought that this would actually be a kidnap mystery but it turned out to be a book mainly revolving around sci-fi which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do ,even though, think that this book has more pros than cons.


What moment in the book stood out to you the most (this could be a scene, a character etc.)

The most intriguing moment in the book for me was when the main character had to learn and adapt to a whole new aliens lifestyle that she didn’t even know existed until these scary crow people aliens destroy everything she knew and took her captive. It is interesting how Cally Black makes us feel so vulnerable and feel sorrow for the main character, Tamara. This sequence is easy to relate to and makes us want to keep turning to the next page. I also strangely enough liked the titles of each of the chapter as they were crafted well and made the chapters feel like their own story in a different way and also the different abilities the character may get each chapter that all build up and helps her near the end of the book.

Do you think this book should make the short list?  (why/why not)

This book should certainly make the short list in my opinion because it is misleading in a mysterious, good way. I believe that this book will surprise anyone who reads it and it will leave anyone wanting more. It is also so very relatable like your the main character in the book. I strongly believe this enticing book should definitely make the short list.

– Liam Wingrave, 7 Archer 


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