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Last term, during the Trinity Arts Festival, the Arthur Holt Library held a poetry competition with a difference. Students were challenged to write a sonnet (in the Shakespearean style) fold it into a paper aeroplane and throw it across the quad. Prizes were awarded for creativity of composition, the longest distance travelled, and best combined score.

Australian champion paper plane pilot Dylan Parker was invited to help us launch the competition. He addressed (and really impressed) the middle school assembly with his incredible plane designs and personal stories that emphasised the value of always challenging yourself to try new things.


Ms Courtenay with Dylan Parker

We held a number of sonnet workshops in the lead-up to the competition to clarify the sonnet form for the younger students.

The event was held on a slightly drizzly lunchtime which meant we had a captive audience in the surrounding breezeways. Two teachers entered the competition, Mr Dixon and Mr Lee. We hope to include there poems on the blog shortly.

We were genuinely amazed by the poetic prowess, dynamic designs and fantastic flightpaths! Our sincerest congratulations to all who took part!


By Ms Luchetti


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