nydTitle: Not Yet Dark

Author: Simon P. Clark

Where will I find it in the library? HOR F CLAR

What is the book about?

Danny & Phillipa (aged 15) have been best friends since elementary, but since starting high school Phillipa noticed Danny & her beginning to drift apart. Danny is hanging out with a new group of friends and is hanging out with her less and less. To escape the drama Philippa flees to an abandoned house by the sea, but quickly discovers that she is far from alone. A mysterious group of people known as ‘the society’ are trying to summon death, will Danny & Philippa be caught up in the drama? Read to find out!

Who would this book be suitable for?

This book is suitable for anybody aged 14 years & over (even adults won’t be able to put this one down!).

Why would you/why would you not recommend this book?

If you enjoy action packed stories that tell tales of adventure, friendship (and are just a little bit spooky)  then you will love Not Yet Dark.

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