Review by Ned O’Brien (Year 8)

You can tell that this book is set in a desert. This book is aimed at the people that like dystopian worlds. There are around 70 chapters in the book and around 300 pages. This book has dialog and descriptions of each chapter of where they are. This book is a classic dystopian book because there has been a problem and a character who wants to fix it. In the book the parts that got interesting are where Thomas starts getting old memories back that he should not remember. The main characters are Thomas, Newt, Minho, Teresa and Aris. What kept me interested was the surprise of how each chapter ended. The effects of this wanted me to keep on reading throughout this book. All the characters are great friends since they were in the maze together.

The book starts where the maze runner left them of in a building where they went to bed where they think they were safe but then they wake up to find all the people from the last night dead hanging from the roof. Then they find that teresa missing and in her place Aris is there then they talk to him how he got there and they find out that he was from  group B and that there maze was all girls and one boy. Then they walk out and find that all of the body’s gone. Thomas tells newt about the dreams that are his memories coming back. Then a few days pass where they do not have food then they find that there is a pile of food on the table and a person who they call the ratman is behind an invisible barrier. Then he tells them that on the next day they will have to start heading 100 miles north through a flat trans and they have to get there within 2 weeks. So they go through the flat trans and then they travel to the end finding that some have been decapitated by an metalic acid thing that drops from the ceiling. Then they travel outside in the scorch they take a few days traveling to the town and on one night they see Teresa and then they run from it to the town. They arrive in the town and go to the nearest building and they stay the night in the morning they meet George and Brenda and they travel with them through the city. So they get food then they get split up and then Thomas and Brenda run into some crazy people that want to eat there noses. Then they get out and stay the night and Thomas sees a sign that tells him that he is the real leader. Then they are forced to go into their party and then they fall asleep and then they get interrogated by the people and Thomas tells them the story and then Minho and the others break in and save Thomas and Brenda. Then up stairs Thomas gets shot by the head guy of the party then he is saved by wicked who take out the bullet and then put him back with the Gladers. Then they reach the mountain and then group B take him and then they do not take him where they are meant to take him but teresa and Aris take him and put him in the chamber where he gets the memory where he is with teresa and Aris and another girl before the swipe. Then it is a race to get to the safe haven before time’s up and they get there and they need to fight the things that come out of the Griever boxes then they fight to get into the berg that lands and then they all get in the berg then Thomas falls asleep he has a dream of Brenda telling him things are going to get worse and he could only trust her and Chancellor Paige. Then he wakes up in a white room.

This is a good book because it is surprising at the end of each chapter and it makes you want to read more. This is a dystopian book, this is fantasy and it is second in the maze runner series written by James Dashner.

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