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Review by Anek Banik

A Bug’s Life is a great move, compelling from its humorous storyline.

The story explores an ant, named Flik, disregarded by his colony for his ‘stupid inventions’, rise to become the hero against the grasshopper, a group of buds who steal their food and offer them ‘protection’ from the other bugs.

Considering this movie was made in 1998, I personally found the animation extremely advanced and detailed for its time. I very much enjoyed the intensity between the ants and the grasshoppers.

I feel that this is relevant in real life, where gangs target weak communities, taking their belongings. Despite some people not really seeing this, I feel as if the creators of the film shed light on this issue.

However, I believe that the film can be a bit mundane at times, the film follows the same story structure as any ‘hero’s journey’ film.  There were plenty of opportunities to do something unique and different to other films, but nevertheless, the film did build up interest in other scenes.

I would recommend the film to families as it would be very funny and entertaining for a child.

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