Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Stressed about exams? Tired from the weekend? Take one dose of literature and repeat until better. I learnt a new word last week: ‘bibliotherapy’ The term bibliotherapy and I first met at the Australian School Libraries Association conference, when keynote speaker, Paul Macdonald (owner of The Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft), shared a story about teenagers … Continue reading Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Lest We Forget

  The traditional ANZAC commemoration of rising at dawn to remember our soldiers’ sacrifice during World War I is steeped in military routine. Those in the line of defence were woken up shortly before dawn, the ideal time to stage a covert attack. As the half-light peeked over the horizon, soldiers manned their weapons, and … Continue reading Lest We Forget


This week we head over the seas once again, and embark on an adventure of the Japanese persuasion. Over the holidays, both Miss Mileto and Miss Courtenay made the trip to Japan for a holiday with their respective families, experiencing the weird, wacky and wonderful things it has to offer. Interested to hear their experience? … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians


Over the summer holidays, some of the library team ventured over the deep blue sea and into lands far far away. As is tradition, librarians cannot visit another country without visiting at least one (1) local bookshop or library. You might have seen some of AHL's Instagram and Twitter posts featuring our travelinglibrarian hashtag, where … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians

The Arthur Holt Library History : Part III

Extract from prime minister Robert Menzies's announcement of war speech, 1939   Photo: National Library of Australia,  'Unidentified Australian Army soldiers marching with full kits : scenes of Army life in Australia during World War II'. As Australia dove headfirst into World War II in the heart of Europe during the first years of the … Continue reading The Arthur Holt Library History : Part III

The Arthur Holt Library History : Part II

As the 1920s were a period of post-war optimism channeled through wealth and excess in the West, the 1930s was its complete antithesis. As the American economy buckled under the decline of steel production and automobile sales, citizens were racking up enormous debts due to easy credit, and in October 1929 the stock market came … Continue reading The Arthur Holt Library History : Part II

Chinese New Year : Year of the Rooster

Also known as 'Spring Festival' (春节), and 'Lunar New Year', Chinese New Year is celebrated each year at the turn of the lunisolar calendar, the traditional Chinese calendar calculated by astronomical phenomena. This year, Chinese New Years Eve (除夕) falls on January 27th, with New Years Day (初) falling on January 28th. Throughout China, customs … Continue reading Chinese New Year : Year of the Rooster

The Great American Road trip in literature

The proverbial ‘road trip’ has cemented its place in the American literary canon as the driving (excuse the pun) force behind some of the most celebrated literature of our time. Hearing the word ‘road trip’ today may conjure images of teens on an open-road adventure jostling for the AUX cord and navigating with a less-than-cooperative … Continue reading The Great American Road trip in literature