Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Stressed about exams? Tired from the weekend? Take one dose of literature and repeat until better. I learnt a new word last week: ‘bibliotherapy’ The term bibliotherapy and I first met at the Australian School Libraries Association conference, when keynote speaker, Paul Macdonald (owner of The Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft), shared a story about teenagers … Continue reading Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Academic Database Searching

This week's workshop was all about academic database searching. We subscribe to a stack of excellent databases in the library, so it's super easy for you to find great sources and information for assignments with just the click of a button. What About Google? When you use google, you are accessing only 1% of the content on … Continue reading Academic Database Searching

Here’s 7 reasons why group study could help boost your grades

Sometimes, studying alone can get monotonous and boring. Why not break up the individual study by forming or joining a study group? Here's 7 reasons to join a study group and push your grades that little bit higher:   Struggle with procrastination? Regular meet-ups with a study group means no time for procrastinating, as you … Continue reading Here’s 7 reasons why group study could help boost your grades

How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro

Okay, let's get in the zone: Our lives are busy - 7 hours of school for 5 days a week, sports, co-curricular activities, jobs, leisure time, a good night's sleep...when do we even start to fit our study in? The key is good organisation and time management. Master these, and you will decrease stress and increase your … Continue reading How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro

8 tips to improve your study space

  Ever heard of a little thing called ergonomics? Ergonomics is defined as 'the study of people's efficiency in their work environment', meaning that making small adjustments to your environment can help enormously when studying. We decided to undertake some scientific research (and at the library you know how much we loooove research!) and put … Continue reading 8 tips to improve your study space