So, why DO the library staplers have names? As we welcome our latest stapler, Desdemona, it’s timely to ask the question – just why do we name our staplers? It’s a long story.  Back in the distant past (sometime back in 2016), the library staff had finally had enough.  We were sick of the never-ending … Continue reading WHY OUR STAPLERS HAVE NAMES by Ms Herlinger

Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition

Micro-Fiction Competition Last week, over two afternoons, the Year 8 cohort (who would ordinarily be jumping, swimming, running or throwing things at their various sports activities) instead came to the Arthur Holt Library to apply the same energy and competitive spirit to the process of writing creatively. The results were quite remarkable, demonstrating once again … Continue reading Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition

Traveling Librarian… with Ms Penelope Chapple

Oxford, the city of gleaming spires Travelling to England during the July school holidays I was fortunate to meet up with a friend in the city of Oxford. Oxford’s main claim to fame is its university. It is the oldest university in the English speaking world & one of the most prestigious.  My friend, as … Continue reading Traveling Librarian… with Ms Penelope Chapple

Engaging the Reluctant Reader – by Ms Courtenay

We recently had the pleasure of running Wide Reading lessons in the library with middle school boys. At its core, this meant trying to encourage the boys to read by finding them a book they would love! To do this, we had LOTS of conversations about books...which books they would recommend and why...what kind of … Continue reading Engaging the Reluctant Reader – by Ms Courtenay

Librarycook certainly likes this cheeky beef dish…

So, with winter upon us, the librarycook took one look at the July issue of Delicious and knew.  No light salads of this, or delicate mousses of that.  Meat, and lots of it was what was needed, so Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with Beetroot and Hummus it was. Two butcher shops later, 20 minutes of … Continue reading Librarycook certainly likes this cheeky beef dish…

Librarycook strikes again

  The librarycook didn’t mess around this month.  When the June issue of Delicious hit the magazine stand, its cover recipe was irresistible.  So, One Pot Butter Chicken it was.       But then the librarycook read on. Serve with dill yoghurt.  What?  Dill, when coriander exists?  So, that self-evident change made, the librarycook set … Continue reading Librarycook strikes again

Mandarin Storytime @ AHL

At lunchtime on Thursday we were joined by a group Mandarin-speaking students from the Junior school, and it was 太棒了! (tài bàng le) - awesome!     Senior students Ben Lui and Joseph Wang read "The Story Behind Chinese New Year's Eve", or "Nian chu xi de gu shi". Accompanied by our amazing Mandarin Teacher Miss … Continue reading Mandarin Storytime @ AHL

books@breakfast : crime & croissants

This morning we hosted our second books@breakfast event in the Arthur Holt Library, and it was crime, drug busts and guns...all before breakfast!   We were joined by the author of 'The Squad', investigative journalist Yoni Bashan, as well as two former police officers, Andrew Mitchell and Dave Roberts. 'The Squad' is a gritty account … Continue reading books@breakfast : crime & croissants