Name: Myfanwy Thomas | Also known as: Anne Ryan | Born: May 23 | Age 31

Myfanwy Thomas is the badass protagonist of Daniel O’Malley’s crime novel ‘The Rook‘.

Myfanwy awakens to find herself surrounded by a pile of corpses in a London park. She remembers nothing, not the names or faces of the people – not even her own name or how she came to be there.

Myfanwy discovers a collection of instructions written in letters left behind by her former self. Through the letters she discovers that she is a Rook, a high-level agent who works for a secret government agency known as Checquy.

Like all secret agencies Checquy protects the people without the people realising it! In this case Myfanwy’s job is to defend people against supernatural threats!

Sadly this is all I can tell you without giving too much away! If ‘The Rook’ sounds like a novel you would be interested in you can find it in the Crime section under CRI F OMAL

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