The librarycook loves it when the new issue of Delicious arrives.  The May issue could have provided  a three-course feast, but the librarycook has a sense of restraint, however, so these were three different cook-events.

First up, King prawns with coriander and chilli butter.  Fast, easy, and, like it says on the cover, delicious!



Then the librarycook made this – Pumpkin & sage baked gnocchi – yum.  Even better for lunch the next day.  Needs more sage, imo.



And finally, something for the librarycook to enjoy with a cup of green tea – Amanda’s Slice from Matt Preston’s column– it comes from the nice lady down Matt’s road and tastes like something your grandmother made.



So easy, you could cook it while you read.  Win-win for the librarycook.

Want to find more Delicious recipes? Borrow a Delicious magazine from the library today! Send us your cooking masterpiece and you could be featured on the next #librarycook!
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