Sometimes, studying alone can get monotonous and boring. Why not break up the individual study by forming or joining a study group? Here’s 7 reasons to join a study group and push your grades that little bit higher:


  1. Struggle with procrastination?procrastinator.jpg

Regular meet-ups with a study group means no time for procrastinating, as you have a commitment to your group to be there. Well-planned group study sessions means you’ll stay on top of your work well before deadlines – that means less stress!



2. Choose your study group wisely



Studying with your friends seems like a good way to hang out while also getting your work done, but you need to be mindful of people who could be a potential distraction. Similarly, if other members haven’t prepared properly for the study session, you’ll just waste valuable time going over stuff you already know, and not learn anything new. Join a committed and serious study group, where you each have the same goals and objectives.



3. Learn new study techniques




We can always improve on our study techniques, and studying in a group gives us the opportunity to observe the way our classmates study. You can pick up some tips or hacks to improve your own study, and maybe even give some tips yourself.



4. New perspectives




Group study is all about discussing the topics and exchanging ideas, meaning its the perfect place to gain a new perspective on a subject. This encourages deeper understanding of the material and develops critical thinking skills, as well as creative problem solving.


5. Ask questions, fill in gaps




Puzzled about something? Ask your group! What’s confusing you may be crystal clear to someone else, and vice versa. It also might be easier to understand explanations coming from your peers rather than your teacher. This also saves you valuable time by not digging through your materials to find the answer.


6. Nervous? Don’t be!


Try to be as prepared as possible so you can contribute meaningfully to the group. Choose group members with similar abilities so as not to be left behind in the dust or be the ‘brains’ of the group who doesn’t end up studying what you need to. However, don’t completely discount solo study for group study, as group study won’t cover all your study needs.



7. Believe in the power of TEAMWORK


Being part of a study group is invaluable teamwork experience. Studies show that students are more comfortable achieving their academic goals if they have participated in group study. Study groups can be fun and informative,  and working in a team is a crucial skill at university in the real world, so getting practice in early on means you’ll be super prepared for the future.



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