Today we watched ‘Spy’ a comedy/action movie starring  Melissa McCarthy in the main character role.  This movie was quite enjoyable and really touched upon my sense of humour, with actors like Jason Statham playing a role I would not expect him in.

It incorporated a good story line along with a comedic relief, however this story line was also very predictable and sometimes, unbelievable.  Some of the scenes in the movie, much like many other movies, was not very realistic and took away from the story.

Melissa McCarthy (her character is Susan) however played an excellent role in this movie and she gives a wholly satisfying lead performance with a complete dramatic arc. She begins as a CIA analyst with her friend Nancy, but when the identity of all the agents have been compromised, she herself must enter the action field. We see Susan’s character develop throughout the movie, from someone who was once anxious, awkward and eager to please, her intelligence and competence in perpetual struggle with her low self-esteem. As the story continues on and she begins to enter the physical world and field we see her transcend into a confident, aggressive, strong woman who can take on anyone who tries to stop her from doing her job.

This movie can be connected back to last weeks movie, ‘The Heat’ which also starred Melissa McCarthy, however in my opinion, was an upgrade. The movies can be seen as very similar, both being action/comedy movies as well as both being based on Melissa being a force of the law. However,  in this movie the aim of the comedy was seen much more and brought upon much more laughter both from me and me fellow peers.

Overall,  this movie had a direct focus on Melissa McCarthy and definitely put her under the spotlight, I believe she definitely pulled through showing her quickness and unpredictability, her genius for defying logic and decorum. She can be ridiculous and heroic, needy and scary, clueless and clever all within the one character.

Ethan Lambert

Year 12, School


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