The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Twelve stories set in Nigeria or featuring Nigerian characters. They explore relationships between people and between Nigeria and the West.


Library Call Number: SHO F ADIC

Songs of the Suitcase by Anna-Maria Dell’oso

Six stories and a novella connected by images of suitcases, music, birth, death and love. Travelling through an intense cityscape, these stories tell of family rivalries, generational conflicts, cultural dislocations and accommodations.


Library Call Number: SHO F DELLO

Free? by Amnesty International

This is a celebration of human rights.To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Walker Books and Amnesty International have joined together to create a short-story collection for young adults, celebrating what it means to be free. Hosting a variety of talented children’s authors from all around the globe, the anthology embraces such themes as asylum, law, education and faith in a way that will both inspire and entertain.

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Library Call Number: SHO F FREE

The Art of the Story by Daniel Halpern

A wide-ranging collection of short stories celebrates the postwar masters of the form, including Russell Banks, T. C. Boyle, Amos Oz, Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Ann Beatie, Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Ben Okri, Angela Cater, and many others.

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Library Call Number: SHO F HALP

Men from Boys by John Harvey

Little is perfect for the men in these seventeen crime stories and nothing is straightforward. The worlds they inhabit are as different as a deprived London housing estate and a rundown jazz joint in Manhattan, but each of them is striving to determine what is right, what will give them dignity, what will earn them self-respect. Some succeed. Others fail. In this acclaimed collection of stories, John Harvey has gathered together some of the very best names in contemporary crime writing. Together, these writers answer what it is to be a father, a son, a man.


Library Call Number: SHO F HARV

Antipodes by David Malouf

Antipodes – stories which pinpoint the contrast between the old world and the new, between youth and age, love and hatred and even life and death itself.


Library Call Number: SHO F MALO

Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Across seven tales, Haruki Murakami brings his powers of observation to bear on the lives of men who, in their own ways, find themselves alone. Here are vanishing cats and smoky bars, lonely hearts and mysterious women, baseball and the Beatles, woven together to tell stories that speak to us all.


Library Call Number: SHO F MURA

The Boat by Nam Le

In 1979, Nam Le’s family left Vietnam for Australia, an experience that inspires the first and last stories in The Boat. In between, Le’s imagination lays claim to the world. The Boat takes us from a tourist in Tehran to a teenage hit man in Columbia; from an aging New York artist to a boy coming of age in a small Victorian fishing town; from the city of Hiroshima just before the bomb is dropped to the haunting waste of the South China Sea in the wake of another war.


Library Call Number: SHO F LE


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