Movie Society is a new co-curricular activity, founded and led by Max Norington (11AR). The two goals of Movie Society are to widen our boys’ knowledge of film and to support a social experience of film.

Max and other students have identified that many of the films most often seen by students are the latest blockbusters. These films form part of the overall cultural landscape of the cinema but of course there are generations of films, produced in many different cultures, for different purposes and in different genres. Those that often last in a 2018 cinema are those that explode on to the screen and disappear from our consciousness just as quickly.

Mr Esterman is the MIC Movie Society and, as a member of the AHL team, is proud to facilitate the sharing of the experience of Movie Society through this blog. Each week, one of our Movie Society participants will share their learning and recommendations about the film that was viewed.

Please feel free to join in the fun by watching them yourself and leaving your own recommendations on our post.


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