August is Italian month at Delicious, so the librarycook had to suffer for her art and make pasta.

Not just any pasta though, Pepperonata with Prosciutto and Burrata.  Why stop at carbs when you can add dairy too?   The librarycook halved the recipe (which called for 6 capsicums!), because mrlibrarycook is overseas, but even so the amount produced fed two of us extremely well, and provided two lunches to keep the librarycook going during the week.

So?  It was pretty good.  Comforting even. Roast capsicum.  Tomato. Eschalot. Garlic. Oregano. All cooked down into a sauce.  Added to the pasta, and then, scattered over whilst serving, torn burrata.  And prosciutto.  Let’s change that “pretty good” to “excellent”.


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