Here at the Arthur Holt Library, we’re always on the lookout for an excuse to share our love for all things library and what better reason is there than a day dedicated to library lovers.


The theme of this year’s Library Lovers’ Day on February 14this ‘Uncover Something New’, which led us to invite staff and students alike to enjoy a blind date with a book. A carefully curated selection of books have been carefully wrapped by the library staff and displayed around the Arthur Holt for people to borrow.


The challenge is to take the book home, unwrap it and read it from cover to cover, regardless of its genre, familiarity or lack of similarity to the books you normally read. It’s a great opportunity to expand your literary horizons by reading outside of your comfort zone.


So far, we’ve paired a lover of manga with his first crime novel, our dedicated library services specialist with a new fantasy series and one of our more reluctant readers with an anthology of short stories. We look forward to hearing what they think!


The idea of reading a book that you’ve never heard of in a genre that you’ve never tried might sound terrifying to some people (this reader included), but where else can you find such easy access to new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of seeing the world.


Happy Library Lover’s Day!

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