Move over Saint Valentine because 14 February is also Library Lovers’ Day and the Arthur Holt Library will again be celebrating.

Library Lovers’ Day is a chance for everyone to reconnect with the library and share the library love. The initiative, coordinated by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), aims to raise the profile of the services offered by libraries across the sector.



To celebrate all things literature, our “Blind Date With A Book” promotion is back. It’s a surprise what book you will find inside your parcel but we are sure you will love it!


We encourage students and staff to be bold, to throw caution to wind, to forget all former disappointments and burn the checklist of attributes that are holding you back. Borrow a lovingly wrapped blind-date-ready book any time from now until the end of February.

To encourage you to borrow Mr Ogier kindly wrote us a poem in celebration of Library Lover’s Day:


The 14th of February  is come,

When many comments on love may be done;

But with equal import we may report

That  being much more reliable

Than human love  which is pliable,

Are  books—

Which  through your  whole lifetime may run!

In the Library named Arthur Holt

You’ll find them there by the tonne

Providing instruction and fun

So please don’t ignore them

But in your mind store them,

And gain a great knowledge vault!!  


It is the mission of all the Library Services at Trinity Grammar School to design and deliver collections and innovative services that promote and support teaching and learning and provide an enriched student experience. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible school library services and so to check in on our own heartbeat we asked staff and students what they love most about the Arthur Holt Library. When asked what they loved the most they responded;

“The design of the library learning spaces”

“The wide variety of books”

“It’s the perfect place to quietly study and read”

“The staff are so friendly and helpful”

“It’s like a modern cafe with books!”

“There is always something interesting happening”

“Meaningful collaboration by way of collaborative lesson planning and team teaching”

“The events! – hello, Craig Reucassel and Richard Glover in one year! Wow”

“The green views!”

One of our favourite comments was this recent exclamation from a Year 3 Junior School student who visited with his class earlier this term;

“This library feels like a luxurious hotel”

AND, if we weren’t feeling the love enough, we also received a note from an  anonymous admirer:


Save the date! 14 February, come and celebrate the library love with us at Arthur Holt Library.

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