Tuesday the 14th of February marks Library Lovers’ Day. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t that Valentine’s Day? Well, I can only guess that the librarian who chose Feb 14th as Library Lovers’ Day had an agenda against Valentine’s Day, and possibly owned a multitude of cats. Nevertheless, Feb 14th is a day of love, and at the AHL, we LOVE to hear about what you LOVE about the library! To this end, we have made a display on a window in the lounge area (looking onto No.1 oval) of a trunk and branches cut in a mediocre fashion by Miss Yates who failed arts & crafts at preschool, adorned with shiny hearts as the leaves.

(Who knew it was so hard to make a tree?)

If you find yourself in the library this week, we’re asking students and staff to write what they love about the AHL on a heart, and allow us librarians to bask in the compliments.
At the library we relish being a hive of activity, from study hall or IB boys working furiously on assignments, to teachers bringing in their classes for collaborative lessons, and boys who find the library to be their sanctuary, where they can explore the shelves and choose one of thousands of literary journeys.

Stay tuned, as there’s more to come to celebrate Library Lovers’ Day!


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