“20 years of Delicious” screamed the November issue’s cover, replete with a spectacularly meringuey cake.

The librarycook has enjoyed many of the offerings of those 20 years, and dived headlong in, eager to see what would catch her eye.  And what caught her eye first were some new recipes from Stephanie Alexander, whose cooking history stretches back almost 60 years, and who can always be relied on for a well-put together recipe.  And Spicy Fish with Moroccan Flavours & Green Olives did not disappoint. A delectable mélange of North African flavours, the recipe included several hours of marinating (aka, time for reading), and then intermittent reading opportunities at each stage of the recipe.  And the taste was just as the librarycook would expect from Ms Alexander – deliciousness on steroids!

Completing the librarycook’s dive into the November issue was another fishy dish – this time, Harissa Salmon with Preserved Lemon Gremolata.  And typing this brings the librarycook to a realisation – not only is this month’s blogpost heavily piscine, it’s also very Moroccan.  Again, a recipe in stages – allowing plenty of time for a chapter or two of Edward Rutherfurd’s Ireland Awakening, which thankfully is yet to reach the Potato Famine years – a period which could well put even the librarycook off her food.

Starting with some gentle potato tessellation, the recipe provided not one but two reading intervals, as first the potatoes, and then the salmon enjoyed the heat of the oven.  Essentially very fancy fish and chips, this one’s definitely going to reappear on the librarycook’s table.


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