Sometimes, the librarycook isn’t looking for a challenge. An old book, re-read many times, might be better suited than something new and demanding. And so it is with cooking. Sometimes, all the librarycook wants is something warm and comforting, with no hard-to-source ingredients, difficult techniques, or lengthy preparation that eats into reading time.

So the librarycook was gently thrilled to see a Slow-Cooked Chicken, Fennel and Rice Soup recipe in the April edition of Delicious. About 15 minutes of anything that could actually be described as work, and then plenty of time for a chapter or two, the Saturday papers, or whatever reading seemed most appealing, as the soup took care of itself for a couple of hours.

Good? It was fine. Not gourmet, not extraordinary, just nice. And sometimes, that’s all the librarycook needs.



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