So, with winter upon us, the librarycook took one look at the July issue of Delicious and knew.  No light salads of this, or delicate mousses of that.  Meat, and lots of it was what was needed, so Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with Beetroot and Hummus it was.

Two butcher shops later, 20 minutes of actual work, and six, yes, six hours in the oven, as the house filled with the delicious scents of stock, herb and spices.  There was a bit more work later in the day, when the librarycook had to turn the blender on for hummus, and chuck a few beetroot in the oven, but basically, the librarycook had time for the paper, a book, some quality time with the dog before presenting the evening meal to a small but appreciative group of diners.  In a gesture of “well, there should be something green on the table”, a salad of mixed leaves landed on the menu as well.

The verdict? So good.  The best part?  Leftovers for a mid-week meal.  The librarycook doesn’t have six hours every day, there are books to be read.


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