.. If Spaniards eat pasta…

Sunday evenings at Casa Librarycook are relaxed.  With the working week ahead, the librarycook is keen to fit in as many reading hours as possible, so long, complicated recipes are not in the picture.  The March issue of Delicious had a whole section on fast pasta that could have been written with the librarycook in mind, and the Italian/Spanish Rigatoni with Chorizo Polettini looked both bene and bueno.

Some easy chopping (onions, capsicum, garlic, and chorizo), a bit of frying, the opening of a can of tomatoes, some sherry vinegar and some sherry, and then a few minutes of simmering whilst the pasta cooked, and dinner was on the table – where the flavours of paprika, tomato, capsicum and the zest of an orange made for a delicious, multi-layered sauce that tasted like it had been cooking for hours.  It might have been even better if the librarycook hadn’t been trying to read when she added the sherry, maybe more of it would have gone in the sauce and not in the drawer.

And so, was it good? Sí, delicioso!



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