An Appethaising Librarycook Session

The February issue of Delicious was packed with tempting ideas, but the librarycook was drawn to something enthaicing – Coconut and Chilli Poached Chicken with Mixed Rice. Chicken poached in coconut milk, with ginger, lime, fish sauce, coriander, lemongrass, and that final very Thai touch, maple syrup. Which in the thesaurus of cookery could easily be replaced with palm sugar. Greens added at the end included beans, Thai basil and mint, but the resourceful librarycook might add snowpeas next time. Or broccoli. Or whatever else happens to be in the fridge.

Relatively easy, and with plenty of time for a chapter or two, the recipe met almost all the librarycook’s needs – flavourful, pretty to look at, and best of all, no need for a separate plate of veggies. The downside? Quite a lot of washing up, eating into valuable reading time.

Rating : 8/10. Next time the chilli quotient will be upped. The librarycook loves chilli nearly as much as she loves reading.


T00 THAIred to Bother? See the following issue for a low effort Slow-cooked Chicken, Fennel & Rice Soup!








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