A culinary tragedy that should never have been published!

It’s hard to believe, but even the librarycook doesn’t have a 100% success rate choosing the right recipe.  Such was the case with the December/January edition of Delicious, which included an abomination of a recipe called Sesame Butter Radishes with Lemon.

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Touted as a way to update your salads and sides repertoire, the section included ideas such as Spiced Crumbed Parsnip with Herb Labneh, Honey Butter and Saffron Carrots with Feta and a Sweet Potato Salad with Sage, Speck and Horseradish.

These may well have been lovely.  Delicious even, like it says on the cover.  But the radishes?  What were they thinking – stir frying radishes – the whole point of which is that they are crisp – until tender?  And then pouring over a heart attack’s worth of butter.  AND to top it off, there wasn’t even time for reading.

So.  Any redeeming features to this recipe at all?  The librarycook is not usually a harsh critic, but in this case?  Consider yourselves warned!

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