I really enjoyed watching this movie. The character dynamic between the main characters Dignan and Anthony is hilarious, especially when they carefully plan for all contingencies, but the overall crime is petty and doesn’t require such effort. Dignan’s character as a planner is established with the opening scene where Anthony has to escape from his voluntary mental hospital via a bed-sheet rope, masterminded by Dignan. Shortly following this scene, Dignan reveals his 75-year plan for him and Anthony. Careful and thorough, Dignan’s flow-chart plan seemingly makes he and Anthony’s career of crime look easy, much to their disappointment later on.

The convincing of Bob to act as a getaway driver to enter a life of crime, then to re-enter it when things go sideways is entertaining, as the “reasoning” between Bob and Dignan consists of threats and the beginnings of a fistfight, but quickly dissolves into hugs despite Dignan previously stating that hugs don’t solve problems. Dignan’s constant creation of complex plans for every heist is also humorous as they are usually either unnecessary, such as the plan to rob the library, overcomplicated or unachievable such as the final heist upon the cold storage facility. The constant bouts of rage followed by calm reasoning by Dignan presents a strong sense of irony as Anthony, with a consistent mood, went to a mental asylum whereas Dignan is more mentally unstable, but has not been to an asylum.

I would recommend this film to more mature audiences due to the moderate level of course language and romantic scenes. To younger audiences, there would be negative influence of a life of crime may be enticing with the seemingly good-natured and humorous characters who are criminals. Despite this, the movie is hilarious and has aspects of good action and romance, as well as clear character development and bonds of mateship.


Review by Kenneth | The Movie Society


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