The Big Lebowski is cult classic comedy film focusing on the character of “The Dude” Lebowski and his bowling troupe. The movie presents “The Dude” and his associates carefree characters and drags them into a series of convoluted events, all of which test and define the character of “The Dude”. The movie manages to excel at character development, with many complex characters who manage to deceive both “The Dude” and the viewer.


The film is a classic example of mistaken identity, the film opens with “The Dude” being mistaken for a different Lebowski, one of the prominent quotes from this scene being “Where is the money Lebowski”. An assailant ruins one of The Dude’s good rugs and the ruined rug sets off a chain of events in which “The Dude” has to take care of his newfound responsibilities while balancing his bowling lifestyle. The events, ranging from ransom payment to car theft investigation, lead Lebowski to reflect on the lifestyle he lives.

I recommend this movie to anyone interested in watching a good comedy and who doesn’t mind a tiny bit of crude humour, as well as people who enjoy a story that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. This film holds one of if not the best performance by John Goodman as the man baby weirdo who keeps making loose connections to the Vietnam War.

By Richard


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