The-Heat-751x1024.jpgIn our first movie society meeting, we decided to watch something more modern than we had previously seen, so we screened the 2013 film “The Heat” featuring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

The film is about two police officers from very different precincts being put on the same case and needing to overcome their dislike of each other to solve the case.

Overall, I found the film very entertaining as many of the scenes were quite humorous such as when the main character uses watermelon as a weapon to make an arrest. The film touches on many different themes such as betrayal as seen when their ‘partners’ turn out to be the very criminals the girls are looking for.

The movie also humorously shows how two people can overcome their dislike of each other and, in fact, become quite good friends, although in the girls’ case it started with a pity relationship.

The film also sheds light on dysfunctional families and those without families as both the main characters experience being apart of one of those.

Overall I rated the movie 8/10 and I look forward to next film.

Rhys Bowditch 11 Murphy

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