After a well attended and highly memorable books@breakfast this wednesday morning three of our Middle Years Library Champions had the opportunity of meeting and interviewing Richard Glover. Library staff were impressed with the poise and professionalism shown by our three student journalists. Richard spoke of his reading tastes which happily correspond to our own, he also talks about his early career as a journalist, the art of comedy, and the processes that go into broadcasting.

MAX GUO OF YEAR 8 : “What I found most interesting about the interview was how Mr. Glover talked about his job as a reporter, and we learnt about how he was a reporter for a plane accident. I also think that his talk was quite entertaining. Books@Breakfast was an enjoyable experience, and I would like to attend this again next year.”

NOAH SINOZIC OF YEAR 9 : What I found interesting about the interview was when he spoke about Lockerbie. He said that he was one of the first people there, and his description of the scene was very interesting. I also enjoyed then Dr. Glover spoke about his family life. Books@Breakfast was a fun and new experience that I would enjoy attending again.

To listen to the interview simply click the soundbar above.


Left to right – Rhys Williams Y8, Richard Glover, Noah Sinozic Y9, Max Guo Y8

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