July librarycook – A Mac ‘n’ Cheese-off

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  Vegemite toast.  Black tea. Hot chips. A perfect mango.  And so, with that thought in mind, the librarycook turned to the July issue of Delicious, which had obviously had the same idea - eight pages of Mac 'n' Cheese gloriousness, with seven different recipes to choose from. Which to choose?  … Continue reading July librarycook – A Mac ‘n’ Cheese-off

Stan Grant: A voice for reason and unity

If you had watched the recent Adam Goodes documentary, “The Final Quarter”, you would have seen a figure emerge from amongst the chaos of a divided nation to provide reasonable guidance for all Australians. Stan Grant is that figure. As a true enlightenment thinker, it seems that regardless of the volatility or complexity of a … Continue reading Stan Grant: A voice for reason and unity

Page to Screen: Manga

MANGA  Noun: Japanese stories presented in a comic-strip format and published as a book.   More often than not, page to screen blog posts feature our favourite books that have been adapted for the big screen! However, this post is a little different. Instead of books, the spotlight will be shining on the Arthur Holt … Continue reading Page to Screen: Manga

Books that #shook the world! A visit to the Melbourne Museum

Last week I took a trip to the Melbourne Museum where I had the opportunity to check out the Revolutions: Records & Rebels exhibition. The exhibition "looks at the late 1960s as a moment when youth culture drove optimistic idealism, motivating people to come together and question the establishment across every area of society" (Melbourne Museum, 2019). … Continue reading Books that #shook the world! A visit to the Melbourne Museum

This is how we do Arts Fest!

Llamas on the Quad? Pop-up Libraries? Netflix for books? It must be the Trinity Arts Festival! Weeks 5 & 6 saw the Arthur Holt Library jump feet first into celebrating the Arts Fest with a combination of lively events to complement the amazing schedule of arts-themed showcases around the school. In the library, we enticed … Continue reading This is how we do Arts Fest!

The case for Genrefication

"Mrs Nolan, where is Diary of a Wimpy Kid?" "F KIN." "Mrs Nolan, where is Captain Underpants?" "F PIL." "Mrs Nolan, where is Deltora Quest?" "F ROD." "Mrs Nolan, where is Harry Potter?" "F ROW." "Mrs Nolan, where is Matilda?" "F DAH." via GIPHY We needed to genrefy the Prep Library Collection. Desperately. Those of … Continue reading The case for Genrefication

Stan Grant : books@breakfast

Monday, May 27 started early.  Very early.  Barely 6.30am, and the entire library team was assembled, preparing for books@breakfast, this time featuring Stan Grant, Wiradjuri man, journalist and anchor, and currently Indigenous and International Affairs Analyst at the ABC, and professor of Global Affairs at Griffith University in Queensland - and author of several books, including … Continue reading Stan Grant : books@breakfast