Manga take-over @ AHL

We've done a much-needed update of our graphic novel section, including loads of new manga. It's currently on display in the library, but here's a summary of the new titles to get you started! Some are entirely new series, and some are the newest additions to existing series. Attack on Titan Hajime Isayama New volumes: … Continue reading Manga take-over @ AHL

New in Genre Fiction

Be transported to another world, solve the murder case, or immerse yourself in a series of short stories. Check out our next Genre Fiction titles! Volume one: At the edge of empire The death and life of Zebulon Finch (series) Daniel Kraus "Zebulon Finch is 17 years old. He has been 17 years old for … Continue reading New in Genre Fiction

How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro

Okay, let's get in the zone: Our lives are busy - 7 hours of school for 5 days a week, sports, co-curricular activities, jobs, leisure time, a good night's sleep...when do we even start to fit our study in? The key is good organisation and time management. Master these, and you will decrease stress and increase your … Continue reading How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro


Over the summer holidays, some of the library team ventured over the deep blue sea and into lands far far away. As is tradition, librarians cannot visit another country without visiting at least one (1) local bookshop or library. You might have seen some of AHL's Instagram and Twitter posts featuring our travelinglibrarian hashtag, where … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians

The Library Lover Tree That Keeps On Giving

For the past 2 weeks we've had the Library Lovers' Day tree up on the window facing No. 1 oval, so you could grab a heart and write down what you love about the library. We got some great responses, so have a look below! Yours might be in there! "All the librarians" "When I'm … Continue reading The Library Lover Tree That Keeps On Giving

The Arthur Holt Library History : Part III

Extract from prime minister Robert Menzies's announcement of war speech, 1939   Photo: National Library of Australia,  'Unidentified Australian Army soldiers marching with full kits : scenes of Army life in Australia during World War II'. As Australia dove headfirst into World War II in the heart of Europe during the first years of the … Continue reading The Arthur Holt Library History : Part III