“As soon as I fell asleep, the nightmare started.   I saw………”

This was the starting point for our Spooky Stories activity held in the Arthur Holt Library for the Year 7 Orientation last Friday.

The boys worked in groups of four to five and each had 45 seconds to come up with one sentence before passing to the next student.   The tricky part was that the previous sentence was hidden as it went around the table.   The result was funny, spooky and sometimes, random pieces of interesting writing.

“As soon as I fell asleep, the nightmare started.   I saw my bedroom, except the room was pitch black with the floor boards creaking every step.    The pale moonlight illuminated the room in a deathly colour.     Then suddenly, everything went black.   I saw spiders the size of beach balls crawling around.  One leapt up on me and looked at me as if I was dinner!    But that wasn’t all.  As I peered out the window I saw a peculiar clown- looking figure staring at me with a strange smirk on his face.    The bloody knife had a shine in his had and he gradually got closer, step by step.    I slowly walked back when I saw its eye glowing in the moonlight.  I tried to walk but my foot was grabbed and I fell on the floor.”

“As soon as I fell asleep, the nightmare started.   I saw a mythical creature that lurked in the shadows.  It moved when no on was watching.  I looked away for one second and it was right in my face.  I felt his breathing on my face.   Then I saw the shadow of a spider emerge from my desk.  This was no ordinary size spider but what I call a “”dog size spider.”  I tried to run to the window but then saw a white, bloody hand on the window outside.”

Congratulations to all boys who participated in the Orientation day and we look forward to seeing you in the AHL in 2020.


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