The Traveling Librarian visits Singapore

Earlier this month I was invited to participate as a speaker in EduTech Asia 2018. This event is Asia’s largest education conference bringing together over 3000 attendees from across the globe to learn, be inspired and exchange ideas. Learn My speaker role involved moderating two roundtable discussion on the topic Disruption is the New Black: … Continue reading The Traveling Librarian visits Singapore

Traveling Librarian: Hokusai Exhibition

Last term Miss Mileto visited the glorious (but cold) city of Melbourne. During her trip she stopped by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to check out the Katsushika Hokusai Exhibition. "Katsushika Hokusai is regarded as one of the most influential and creative minds in the history of Japanese art. His unique social observations, innovative … Continue reading Traveling Librarian: Hokusai Exhibition


  Throughout Term 4 we will feature some of Trinity's most fascinating staff members as they describe their cultural tastes and library memories: My favourite author is ….    Actually I don’t have just one, I like works by Isabelle Allende such as Paula and  Eva Luna, because she uses magic realism in a sophisticated way. … Continue reading FACULTY IN FOCUS – WITH MS SMITH SERGY

Why I love P.G. Wodehouse and you should too -With Ms Herlinger

  Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, Mr Mulliner’s endless stories about his relations, golfing stories about people rich enough to play golf all day, Lord Emsworth and his pig, I mean, who cares? Isn’t Pelham Grenville (Plum) Wodehouse a relic of the past? OK, I know. Wodehouse writes about nothing, really. Highly privileged, upper class twits, and … Continue reading Why I love P.G. Wodehouse and you should too -With Ms Herlinger

Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Stressed about exams? Tired from the weekend? Take one dose of literature and repeat until better. I learnt a new word last week: ‘bibliotherapy’ The term bibliotherapy and I first met at the Australian School Libraries Association conference, when keynote speaker, Paul Macdonald (owner of The Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft), shared a story about teenagers … Continue reading Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

‘Walking Free’ by Munjed al Muderis

  In 'Walking Free', author Munjed al Muderis, retells his amazing life story as a surgeon, and privileged son of wealthy Iraqis, who became an illegal immigrant in an Australian detention centre, and then went on to become a world leading orthopaedic surgeon. Munjed’s life was altered in a single moment when his surgical team … Continue reading ‘Walking Free’ by Munjed al Muderis

James et la Grosse Pêche by Roald Dahl

James et la Grosse Pêche or James and the Giant Peach is the French edition of the much-loved young people's book, written by renowned author Roald Dahl. When our protagonist James Henry Trotter loses his parents in a horrific rhinoceros accident, he is forced to move in with his Evil Aunt Sponge and Wicked Aunt … Continue reading James et la Grosse Pêche by Roald Dahl

How To Search The Library Catalogue

Don't know how to find what you're looking for in the library? This handy guide will make you a pro at searching our catalogue. Infiniti is our library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), which has all the information about every resource in our library. To access Infiniti, simply click here to get to the Library … Continue reading How To Search The Library Catalogue


This week we head over the seas once again, and embark on an adventure of the Japanese persuasion. Over the holidays, both Miss Mileto and Miss Courtenay made the trip to Japan for a holiday with their respective families, experiencing the weird, wacky and wonderful things it has to offer. Interested to hear their experience? … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians