Think | Play | Discuss

Think¬† To direct one's mind towards someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas. Play To engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than serious or practical purpose. Discuss To talk or write about a topic in detail, taking into account different issues and ideas. As a librarian... I am … Continue reading Think | Play | Discuss

Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition Winners!

This week we announced the three divisional winners of our Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition. There were so many high-impact and creative pieces it was really hard to choose who would get the prizes but after much consideration we decided on the following: Joshua Butler of Stephenson took the first prize in the Postcard Fiction¬†category   … Continue reading Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition Winners!

Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition

Micro-Fiction Competition Last week, over two afternoons, the Year 8 cohort (who would ordinarily be jumping, swimming, running or throwing things at their various sports activities) instead came to the Arthur Holt Library to apply the same energy and competitive spirit to the process of writing creatively. The results were quite remarkable, demonstrating once again … Continue reading Year 8 Micro-Fiction Competition