Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

Over the past decade scientists have been busy ย terraforming (transforming a planet so that it can support and sustain human life) the planet Mars.ย  Itโ€™s the 26th century and Earthโ€™s population is reaching its breaking point. To ensure the survival of humanity, earth dwellers look to Mars. With the planet successfully terraformed, humans hope to … Continue reading Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

Manga take-over @ AHL

We've done a much-needed update of our graphic novel section, including loads of new manga. It's currently on display in the library, but here's a summary of the new titles to get you started! Some are entirely new series, and some are the newest additions to existing series. Attack on Titan Hajime Isayama New volumes: … Continue reading Manga take-over @ AHL