Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

Over the past decade scientists have been busy  terraforming (transforming a planet so that it can support and sustain human life) the planet Mars.  It’s the 26th century and Earth’s population is reaching its breaking point. To ensure the survival of humanity, earth dwellers look to Mars. With the planet successfully terraformed, humans hope to … Continue reading Terra Formars by Yu Sasuga & Ken-ichi Tachibana

Manga take-over @ AHL

We've done a much-needed update of our graphic novel section, including loads of new manga. It's currently on display in the library, but here's a summary of the new titles to get you started! Some are entirely new series, and some are the newest additions to existing series. Attack on Titan Hajime Isayama New volumes: … Continue reading Manga take-over @ AHL