Why reflect on learning?

By Vicki Courtenay, Teaching and Learning Librarian` As educators, we often ask students to undertake a process of reflection following the completion of an assessment / assignment / presentation. Occasionally, students offer up insights about their process and strategies and muse on ways to improve them. More often than not, however, what a teacher reads … Continue reading Why reflect on learning?

Story-telling: an exercise in confidence

When I started at Trinity in 2015, my experience in story-telling had, I might say, lapsed. I had some early experience reading aloud in my babysitting years of my early teens, but in the 10 intervening years , I hadn’t so much as picked up a picture book. My regular bookshop and library haunts had … Continue reading Story-telling: an exercise in confidence

INFORMATION LITERACY : What does it mean?

There is a core set of skills needed to learn and thrive in a 21st Century world (Eisenberg, 2008), regardless of the technology, language or culture you are functioning within. These skills, when combined, can be effectively labelled Information Literacy. The American Library Association (2017) suggests that; “To be information literate, a person must be … Continue reading INFORMATION LITERACY : What does it mean?