Library Technicians’ Day

Last week was Library and Information Week!  A week of celebrating all things library, and the value libraries add to our lives.  Tuesday highlighted the work of Library Technicians (or Library Services Specialists (LSS), as we’re known at Trinity).  And to mark...
How should we remember them?

How should we remember them?

Every year in Australia in the lead up to both ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, there is a wave that rolls through Australian society. It is not a tidal wave, destroying everything in its wake, nor is it merely a ripple that goes ignored by all but the most sensitive of...
#ScienceWeek in the AHL

#ScienceWeek in the AHL

Last week the Arthur Holt Library hosted some activities for Year 7 and Year 8 during Science Week. Since we’re all about reading, research, writing and creativity, we decided to pull together expertise from different areas and offer several sessions for our...

A better Library experience with RateIt

This term the Arthur Holt Library will be conducting a small scale demographic study of how staff and students use our services and spaces. We strive to provide the very best services possible and therefore we must also ensure that we regularly check that the reality...


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