YEAR 7 Wide Reading  – Reader Predictions

“SUCCESSFUL READING is, in some respects akin to successful detective work.” (Cramer, 1970) The essential element of making predictions while reading is exquisitely portrayed by Cramer (1970) in his article ‘Setting Purposes and Making Predictions: Essential to critical reading’. He describes the way Sherlock Holmes instructs his close friend Watson in the ‘art of deducing … Continue reading YEAR 7 Wide Reading  – Reader Predictions


Move over Saint Valentine because 14 February is also Library Lovers’ Day and the Arthur Holt Library will again be celebrating. Library Lovers’ Day is a chance for everyone to reconnect with the library and share the library love. The initiative, coordinated by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), aims to raise the profile … Continue reading LIBRARY LOVERS’ DAY


This week we head over the seas once again, and embark on an adventure of the Japanese persuasion. Over the holidays, both Miss Mileto and Miss Courtenay made the trip to Japan for a holiday with their respective families, experiencing the weird, wacky and wonderful things it has to offer. Interested to hear their experience? … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians


Over the summer holidays, some of the library team ventured over the deep blue sea and into lands far far away. As is tradition, librarians cannot visit another country without visiting at least one (1) local bookshop or library. You might have seen some of AHL's Instagram and Twitter posts featuring our travelinglibrarian hashtag, where … Continue reading #travelinglibrarians

The Library Lover Tree That Keeps On Giving

For the past 2 weeks we've had the Library Lovers' Day tree up on the window facing No. 1 oval, so you could grab a heart and write down what you love about the library. We got some great responses, so have a look below! Yours might be in there! "All the librarians" "When I'm … Continue reading The Library Lover Tree That Keeps On Giving