Spring has sprung! : the October librarycook

The October issue of Delicious promised a spring clean - complete with exclamation mark, to highlight, presumably, the "delicious detox" recipes, the 7 ways with avocado, and the super-greens pasta.  Putting aside her quite natural revulsion to the term "detox"*, the librarycook opened up the magazine and commenced her perusal. And found an array of … Continue reading Spring has sprung! : the October librarycook

librarycook september : scone with the wind?

The librarycook has never been a scone maker.  Daunted, perhaps, by her Irish grandmother's mastery of the scone - her repertoire featured the plain scone, the date scone, the sultana scone, and the cheesy savoury scone, the librarycook had never ventured into the realm of the scone. But that was all about to change.  The … Continue reading librarycook september : scone with the wind?

The librarycook springs into action

With spring almost with us, the librarycook had a revelation, and a dilemma.  Recipes for warmer weather don’t usually meet the librarycook’s requirement for reading time. Despondently, the librarycook rifled through the pages of the September Delicious magazine, becoming ever more despairing.  Almost all the recipes required constant attention – attention that should more reasonably … Continue reading The librarycook springs into action

The librarycook hangs on to winter. Just.

August seemed determined to masquerade as Spring, with warm sunny days arriving one after the other.  But finally a properly wintery Sunday, and a chance to cook (and eat) something really slow-cooked. To the librarycook, of course, slow-cooked also means lots of reading time, so the recipe for Parmesan Veal Ragu from in the August … Continue reading The librarycook hangs on to winter. Just.

The librarycook sells out

The July issue of Delicious was filled with tempting dishes to warm the cockles of the soul and banish the discontent of winter.  Slow cooked this, hearty that, pulses and legumes, nourishing soups.  And the librarycook did try.  The Three Cheese Lasagne was OK, but its attempt to replace Bechamel sauce with three different cheeses … Continue reading The librarycook sells out

A Sticky Problem

June's issue of Delicious offered the librarycook an embarrassment of choice.  Recipe after recipe was photocopied, drooled over, and then, crucially, assessed for its CRR (Cooking to Reading Ratio).  Those apparently time-saving, cook-in-one-pan recipes?  Careful scrutiny revealed the librarycook might squeeze in a page.  Two at the most. Not them, then.  The librarycook's eye fell on recipe … Continue reading A Sticky Problem

The librarycook MAY have a problem

May, and the May issue of Delicious, brought the librarycook a dilemma.  The weather was still unseasonably warm.  Two recipes appealed almost equally.  So, would it be the still quite summery Chicken and Lemon Tagine with Pomegranate Couscous, or the more wintery Cauli Cheese Pasta Bake with Crispy Sage?  Luckily, May came to the rescue, … Continue reading The librarycook MAY have a problem