YEAR 7 Wide Reading  – Reader Predictions

“SUCCESSFUL READING is, in some respects akin to successful detective work.” (Cramer, 1970) The essential element of making predictions while reading is exquisitely portrayed by Cramer (1970) in his article ‘Setting Purposes and Making Predictions: Essential to critical reading’. He describes the way Sherlock Holmes instructs his close friend Watson in the ‘art of deducing … Continue reading YEAR 7 Wide Reading  – Reader Predictions

A Lesson in Listening

Of course a library these days is more than just books, but did you know that the Arthur Holt Library subscribes to the Bolinda Digital eAudiobook platform on behalf of our students and staff? eAudiobooks are narrated books that you can listen to on your smartphone, iPod, tablet or any device with an MP3 player. … Continue reading A Lesson in Listening

Why We Need a Positive Reading Culture

We love reading! (shocking, I know!) We stalk publisher websites for new and exciting titles that we think will appeal to our users, add them to the collection and then market them within the Library spaces. Our days are never brighter then when students ask us for recommendations. We know that readers do better in … Continue reading Why We Need a Positive Reading Culture