2017 Alumni Display with Ms Yates

This week in the library we have a Trinity alumni display celebrating ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? The word, in and of itself, is not a job title. Rather, it describes a person who is willing to take risks in order to start their own business, often with connotations of … Continue reading 2017 Alumni Display with Ms Yates

Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Stressed about exams? Tired from the weekend? Take one dose of literature and repeat until better. I learnt a new word last week: ‘bibliotherapy’ The term bibliotherapy and I first met at the Australian School Libraries Association conference, when keynote speaker, Paul Macdonald (owner of The Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft), shared a story about teenagers … Continue reading Bibliotherapy with Miss Gaspari

Lest We Forget

  The traditional ANZAC commemoration of rising at dawn to remember our soldiers’ sacrifice during World War I is steeped in military routine. Those in the line of defence were woken up shortly before dawn, the ideal time to stage a covert attack. As the half-light peeked over the horizon, soldiers manned their weapons, and … Continue reading Lest We Forget