Zeros by Scott Westerfeld

As part of the Arthur Holt Library Wide Reading Programme last term, Mr. Bosco's Year 7 English class created book commercials for the fiction novel they read during the term. Over the next 9 weeks we'll be featuring these book commercials on our social media accounts! First up we have Favian who read Zeros by Scot … Continue reading Zeros by Scott Westerfeld


This term in the Arthur Holt Library we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all of year 7 on a Wide Reading programme in collaboration with the English Department. The Wide Reading lessons are being conducted on a fortnightly basis during timetabled English classes. The unit is comprised of 4 core … Continue reading YEAR 7 WIDE READING

Engaging the Reluctant Reader – by Ms Courtenay

We recently had the pleasure of running Wide Reading lessons in the library with middle school boys. At its core, this meant trying to encourage the boys to read by finding them a book they would love! To do this, we had LOTS of conversations about books...which books they would recommend and why...what kind of … Continue reading Engaging the Reluctant Reader – by Ms Courtenay