Trinity Grammar headmaster, Mr Bowden is a prolific reader and enjoys a wide variety of genres and subject matters. At the beginning of term at staff development day,  we look forward to his recommended reading lists.

Mr Bowden has made a sizeable dent to the AHL Staff Library Bingo card having ticked off most of the genre categories.

Of the 20 genres, Mr Bowden has only four to complete until he can shout BINGO ! and complete the challenge.

Here is the Headmaster’s BINGO card

Personal Choice –             Hermit by S R White

Horror  –                              The Shining by Stephen King

Picture book –                    Give Me Some Space by Philip Bunting

HM recommendation –    We Begin At The End by Chris Whitaker

International –                   The Cabin by Jorn Leir Horst

Librarian recommendationCar Crash by Lech Blaine

Non-fiction –                       Bullies and Saints – an honest look at the good and evil of human history by John Dickson

Professional developmentOn Christian Teaching by David Smith

Biography –                         Long walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Crime and Mystery –         The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Colleague recommendationThe Wife and the Widow by Christian White

Action and adventure –    The Sentinel by Lee Child and Andrew Child

General fiction –                The End of Men by Christine Sweeney-Baird

Historical fiction –             The Tolstoy Estate by Steven Conte

Those yet to be ticked off include –

Short Stories, Fantasy, Graphic novel and Student recommendation.

The Headmaster  is also an active Library borrower and has enjoyed a cross section of books in the AHL including Vikki Wakefield’s  This is How We Change The Ending and Friday Brown, Craig Silvey’s Honeybee, Eliot Perlman’s The Street Sweeper, The Rivers of London fantasy series by Ben Aaronovitch as well as several Stephen King horror novels including Dreamcatcher, The Regulator and If it Bleeds.

What are you reading at the moment? 

We’d love to know your recommendations.

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