For the past 2 weeks we’ve had the Library Lovers’ Day tree up on the window facing No. 1 oval, so you could grab a heart and write down what you love about the library. We got some great responses, so have a look below! Yours might be in there!


“All the librarians”
“When I’m in the library, I’m at home”
“Different spaces”
“Bean bags!”
“The AC is very powerful :)”
“Great place to chill + allowed phones”
“Natural light”
‘Mr Barnes’ office”
“It is a perfect place to quietly study and silently read!”
“The design! The wide variety of books!”
“Library monitors + air con”
“The Banter”
“Perfect place for some down time”

Thank you to all who wrote on our Library Lovers’ tree, we appreciate your comments and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the library!

Don’t forget you can request any books, comics or magazines by going to the ‘Request a book’ link at the bottom of this page. Happy reading!

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