The librarycook really struggled to find something to make from April’s Delicious magazine.  She tried the pasta with sausage and cauliflower.  The chocolate & pretzel biscuits.  Both were fine. Acceptable.  Just not great.

Half-heartedly leafing through once more, the Pumpkin with Blue Cheese & Pickled Walnut caught her eye.  It was pretty.  Autumnal. Blue cheese was involved, along with ginger and walnuts.  She had herself a recipe.

And a recipe easy enough for a work day.  Baking sliced pumpkin for 45 minutes – lots of time for a chapter or two, even allowing for whisking the blue cheese dressing, pickling some walnuts, and slicing an apple.  A couple of minutes’ assembly and voila! – dinner on the table, attractive, delicious, and soft, crunchy, crisp, savoury and sweet all in one.

Simple enough for a weeknight dinner, impressive enough for a dinner party.  How glad the librarycook was that she hadn’t given up – Delicious came through in the end.97

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