August seemed determined to masquerade as Spring, with warm sunny days arriving one after the other.  But finally a properly wintery Sunday, and a chance to cook (and eat) something really slow-cooked.

To the librarycook, of course, slow-cooked also means lots of reading time, so the recipe for Parmesan Veal Ragu from in the August edition of Delicious looked like it would meet both needs.

Did this recipe deliver?  Did it ever!  The least preparation of any recipe thus far featured by the librarycook. Two and a half hours – count them, that’s 150 minutes of gentle simmering, with only the need to stir every half hour or so.  Or in reading terms, several chapters and the Spectrum section from Saturday’s paper.

The librarycook was obliged to stir herself from her literary eyrie, to measure out and cook some barley, and wash and dress a salad.  Oh, and shred the veal before serving.

So, perhaps 10 minutes of actual work, hours of reading, and dinner’s on the table.  It was scrumptious too, by the way.



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